GP Solutions is an independent management consultancy firm, providing a range of business support services to the health and social care sector as well as the independent sector.   We are a team of experienced, responsive individuals that work flexibly to provide achievable solutions.  We work across the country and have broad expertise within the sector.


GP Solutions is based in Exeter, Devon and was set up in February 2016.  The idea to develop an offer came about following the publication of the NHS Five Year Forward view and recognition of opportunities to develop and support NHS services, particularly in primary care to be able to respond to the change in health and social care landscape.


We have access to an experienced portfolio of professionals who work closely with our clients to develop personalised solutions.


Albertina is a self-motivated individual with strong communication and service redesign skills. Thrives in a challenging environment and has a strong commitment to improving quality and performance in healthcare delivery.  17 years experience in multidisciplinary and multi agency working and a good understanding of health and social care structures and policy.  Skilled in facilitating and enabling professionals to work together to improve patient outcomes.  Ability to lead and facilitate change with empathy and passion.  

Albertina has worked in the NHS in various roles, which include senior commissioner, and operational management in Cancer Services and Cardiology Services in local acute trusts.

Albertina Teague
Managing Director