We have extensive experience and knowledge to turn opportunities into reality.  Here are just some examples of work we have done over the last 12 months.

Federation development


Worked with a large federation in Plymouth, which services a highly deprived population.  The federation had previously worked as two seperate groups and were looking to form a larger group.  We worked with them to develop a memorandum of understanding, a management structure and supported them to developed a prioritised work programme including associated budgeting.

Service Implementation

A GP surgery in East Devon was successfully awarded a contract to run an established Minor Injury Unit in a community hospital.   We worked with the surgery and commissioners through the due diliengence process to successful implementation of the service.  Work included establishement of CQC and staffing requirements as well as budgeting and service development plans.

Training and Education


GP Solutions has developed a range of training materials to run adhoc training sesssions for the commercial sector.

This includes :

-Understanding Sustainability and Transformation Programmes (STP)

 and Accountable Care Systems (ACO)

-Understanding and working with GP federations

-Individually designed 1:1 mentoring services

Technology in Healthcare

Currently working with East Devon Health – a federation of 13 GP practices, which provides services for 120,000 patients.  The project is to  implement technology projects across the surgeries. The projects include telephony, shared extranet, clinical templates and electronic consultations. The focus is on the change management and sustainability of these technological aproached.